All miles are paid by PC Miler "Practical Route" not the "Short Route" like most other truck lines pay! The difference between "Practical Route" & "Short Route" can be up to as high as 15% more mileage paid to the driver!

We offer you two options to choose from on your payroll. You can take a tax break option and be paid a per-diem which allows us to pay you $0.10 of your mileage pay without tax or you can chose to be paid without a per-diem. The per-diem option saves our drivers quite a bit of taxes which allows for more money taken home every week.

We have 3 tiers of pay here at Universe.

  • New hires with under 2 years experience will receive $0.38 a mile

  • For those with more than 2 years experience you will receive $0.40 a mile.

  • Those drivers that have stayed 5 consecutive years or more with Universe receive $0.42 a mile.

Also, we do not hold back wages for 1 or 2 weeks like some trucking companies do. Our drivers are usually paid the first business day after returning to Omaha from a trip out and back.

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